Setting Goals Clearly Through 6 Pictures!


Setting goals is as simple as getting pictures of the 6 most important goals in our lives.
Setting goals is like TV screens that are focused on different aspirations in our lives.

Setting goals, and achieving them, can be accomplished much more successfully when pictures are involved. During a recent stay at the DoubleTree Hotel by the Orlando Airport, I saw the big screen television sets above in the newly remodeled lobby.

At the time I was there, all of the TV sets were tuned to sports programming. Thus, I would imagine that this will be a popular spot during the NFL football season. People get a clear picture of what’s happening at 6 different stadiums around the country.

Broadcasting has certainly come a long way since I was a little boy. Then, there were only 3 channels, the pictures were black and white, there were no remote controls, and all broadcasting stopped at 12 midnight.

What If We Pictured Our Futures Clearly?

Those 6 television sets at the Orlando DoubleTree gave me an idea about our futures. What if we wrote down the 6 most important goals in our lives, both personally and professionally, and then got pictures of each of those goals as if they were already accomplished?

Then, what if we posted those 6 pictures on a wall, in a similar configuration as the TV sets in Orlando? And then, what if we looked at those pictures every day?

The Mind Responds to Pictures!

The mind does respond to pictures. And, what we focus on expands. Those two thoughts give us a clue to our future success. What we see on a regular basis becomes ingrained in our brains. And, as Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Let’s screen your future and watch what happens!

A Setting Goals Affirmation

“I’m getting pictures of my most important goals, posting them, and looking at them every day.”

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Attitude Lesson from the Wright Brothers

We can all launch a great attitude every day by declaring positive affirmations.
A great attitude was shown here by the Wright Brothers.

Attitude is something we all work with every day. Thus, taking your attitude to the next level of achievement can be a challenge. When I was in Ohio recently, in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas for speaking engagements, I learned something valuable from the Wright Brothers. While there, I visited where their home used to stand in Dayton and saw where their bicycle shop used to be.

I drove about 10 miles north of Dayton to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field. This is where the Wright Brothers tested their next flying machine after their initial success at Kitty Hawk.


Launching a Great Attitude is like launching a plane.

At Huffman Field, I took the picture above of the plaque showing the catapult the brothers used to launch their plane into the air. Apparently the winds at that field were not strong enough to get the plane off the ground by engine power along. Thus, they built a track of wooden rails. In addition, they built a wooden derrick. Two horses lifted a 1,600-pound counterweight. Then, when the weight was released, the plane was launched.


Can We Launch a Positive Attitude Every Day?

The same way that the Wright Brothers launched their plane in Dayton, we can figuratively launch a positive attitude every day. That is, an attitude that can help get us to the next level of achievement. Therefore, a great attitude is a matter of directing our thoughts.

We’re all declaring affirmations every day. Unfortunately, many of them are negative and destructive. What if we purposefully declared affirmations, daily, affirming what we want rather than what we don’t want? I suggest affirmations such as: “Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I am in great health. I create great relationships. I am a Champion.”

State what you want, morning and evening, and watch what happens in the next 90 days. This process could catapult you to a whole new level of achievement. When it came to achievement, the Wright Brothers believed that the sky’s the limit!


A Daily Positive Affirmation

I declare positive affirmations each day, stating what I want out of life!

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How To Balance Our Lives?

Balance can be learned from the rock pillars at Seven Magic Mountains?
How To Balance Our Lives Can Be Learned Here

To balance our lives, these days, seems to be an endless exercise in futility. There are so many distractions that we can miss important things.

Recently, while in Las Vegas for speaking engagements, I drove just south of town to see something I had obviously missed the last time I drove to Vegas. There, just to the east of Interstate 15, was the site in the picture above.

What Is This?

There, in plain site, was Seven Magic Mountains. If you look closely, you may see some people at the bottom of the pillars. This is one of the largest land-based installations of art in the United States.

The information sign states that “this is a large-scale, site-specific, public artwork by artist Ugo Rondinone. It consists of locally-sourced limestone boulders stacked vertically in groups ranging between three and six.

Each stone boasts a different fluorescent color; each individual totem stands between thirty and thirty-five feet high. The stacks evoke the art of meditative rock balancing. The works appear poised between monumentality and collapse – seeming to defy gravity in their teetering formations, but equally to depend on it.”

What Magic Can We Learn from Seven Mountains?

The heavy boulders at this site are obviously balanced on each other very carefully. We, in our busy lives, have to carefully balance all of our responsibilities. Otherwise, our lives may topple.

Thus, when we feel overwhelmed, we might ask ourselves the following question: What is the most valuable thing I should be doing right now? We usually know. However, we often gravitate to that which is “tension-relieving” rather than “goal achieving”.

Having a few minutes of quiet time, with no distractions, may be the most valuable at that moment. Spending time with our loved ones may be the most valuable. We usually know. The key is to ask the question, when we feel out of balance, and the most valuable thing will become clear. Then, immediately, start to do that most valuable thing.

Before you know it, this process will become automatic and you’ll find it much easier to balance your life.

A Balance Daily Affirmation

I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly! 

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Finding Trusted Motivational Mentors!


Trusted motivational mentors are hard to find, but a key to your future success.
People here find trusted motivational mentors.

Trusted motivational mentors are hard to find, but they are a key to your future success! They are people who have done what we want to do and can be a great source of direction for our greater future. Last week, when I was in San Diego, I stayed in the scenic Torrey Pines area, which is not far from the world-famous Torrey Pines Glideport. This is a historic flight port which has been in use since 1938, and that’s where I learned about trusted motivational mentors.

Here you’ll learn about the value of trusted motivational mentors! 

The picture above is one of the many dramatic photos on the walls of the Glideport office.

This place, on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is renowned for paragliding, hang gliding, and sail planing. And, there is also room for radio controlled flying. I loved being there.

On the evening when I visited the Glideport last week, they were already closed for the day. Otherwise, I would have inquired about tandem flights. That’s where you go flying with a certified instructor in a paraglider or hand glider for up to 30 minutes. The beauty is that all ages and physical abilities are welcome. In fact, some years ago I saw a disabled young lady go on a tandem flight here. Her commend afterwards: “When flying, I didn’t feel disabled. It was magic!”

If You Want to Fly, You Must Trust!

In order to go tandem flying at Torrey Pines, you have to trust your instructor. That they know what they’re doing. That the two of you will actually take off when the two of you step off the cliff. That you will return safely.

In order to achieve greatness in life, I believe that all of us have to show trust.

Trust can be in the form of finding someone who has done what we want to do, asking them for advice, and then following that advice. If there’s something special you’ve wanted to accomplish, why not identify that person now and trust their guidance to help your future take off. To be a great leader, we must first be a good follower. That will help us stay positive!

A Trust Affirmation

I identify the people I need to follow and I trust their guidance! 

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