Attitude Lesson from the Wright Brothers

We can all launch a great attitude every day by declaring positive affirmations.
A great attitude was shown here by the Wright Brothers.

Attitude is something we all work with every day. Thus, taking your attitude to the next level of achievement can be a challenge. When I was in Ohio recently, in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas for speaking engagements, I learned something valuable from the Wright Brothers. While there, I visited where their home used to stand in Dayton and saw where their bicycle shop used to be.

I drove about 10 miles north of Dayton to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field. This is where the Wright Brothers tested their next flying machine after their initial success at Kitty Hawk.


Launching a Great Attitude is like launching a plane.

At Huffman Field, I took the picture above of the plaque showing the catapult the brothers used to launch their plane into the air. Apparently the winds at that field were not strong enough to get the plane off the ground by engine power along. Thus, they built a track of wooden rails. In addition, they built a wooden derrick. Two horses lifted a 1,600-pound counterweight. Then, when the weight was released, the plane was launched.


Can We Launch a Positive Attitude Every Day?

The same way that the Wright Brothers launched their plane in Dayton, we can figuratively launch a positive attitude every day. That is, an attitude that can help get us to the next level of achievement. Therefore, a great attitude is a matter of directing our thoughts.

We’re all declaring affirmations every day. Unfortunately, many of them are negative and destructive. What if we purposefully declared affirmations, daily, affirming what we want rather than what we don’t want? I suggest affirmations such as: “Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I am in great health. I create great relationships. I am a Champion.”

State what you want, morning and evening, and watch what happens in the next 90 days. This process could catapult you to a whole new level of achievement. When it came to achievement, the Wright Brothers believed that the sky’s the limit!


A Daily Positive Affirmation

I declare positive affirmations each day, stating what I want out of life!

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