Great Relationships Begin with a Smile!

Smile at five people each day, be friendly, create great relationships and watch what happens.
Great relationships being with a friendly smile.

I recently attended the international convention of the National Speakers Association in Orlando at Disney World. That’s where I got a great example of the value of creating great relationships by being extra friendly and smiling at people.

Great Relationships Begin With a Friendly Smile!

There were over 1,200 speakers there from the U.S., Canada, and a dozen other countries. The picture below was from my hotel room at the Disney World Dolphin Hotel. The sister hotel, across the pond, is the Swan Hotel. Look closely and you’ll see the giant swans perched on the roof of that hotel. Even though I was very impressed with the keynote speakers from around the world, and the great breakout sessions, it was what happened in between all of the events that impressed me to no end. Everywhere, so many of the attendees were so welcome and so friendly. They greeted me on escalators, in hallways, before events, and during the events, as if we’d known each other for many years. It was simply amazing and it made me feel special.

What About Every Day?

While at the NSA event, I got to thinking about how busy everyone seems to be these days, with much of our time spent looking at our mobile devices. Those may help us with being more efficient, but I think they’re also isolating us. What if you made a conscious effort to be extra friendly to just 5 people a day? Wouldn’t that be a great gift to give to others? Let’s be a beacon of light that can shine brightly in someone else’s mind! What would that cost us? I believe that positive beacons like that tend to shine brightly in reverse! You’ll find more ideas on this subject in some of the videos on the opening page of this website:

A Great Relationship Affirmation

I go out of my way to smile and be extra friendly to at least 5 people each day!


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