I was in Irvine, California a few weeks ago to conduct a seminar for a great group of CEO’s.

It was at that meeting that I met Ken LaCroix. His company is called Moveri. It is a fairly new company and therein is the message for this newsletter.

A couple of years ago Ken was the Chief Financial Officer for a company in the Irvine area. He then had the bright idea of creating his own company where he would offer his services as a CFO for hire, on a temporary basis.

As I have often discussed in this column, all of us have the ability to literally re-invent ourselves. We can find new directions for our careers; we can create new jobs; we can create new companies.

Ken, thinking outside the box, decided to use his extensive experience to help many different companies by coming in and working as a temporary CFO. He basically had the guts to listen to his inner voice and he changed his life for the better.

Ken, backed by his 20 years of experience working as a CFO for different companies, quit his job and started the Moveri Company.

He started calling on local companies in the Irvine area and proposed that he would work for them as a CFO not just for an entire month, but for one or two days at a time.

As Ken relates, “That resonated with those CEO’s who had the need for a Chief Financial Officer but couldn’t afford a full-time one. As I talked to more and more CEO’s, I found that there was a true need for this type of service.”

Ken is a great example of looking around, finding a need, and filling it. We all have the ability to be very creative. Some people open up their minds and they come up with great new ideas.

As Ken exemplifies, it’s not what the economy is doing; it’s not what the government is doing; it’s not what the weather is doing that’s important. What’s important is what’s going on in our minds.

When it comes to the current economic challenges, Ken further related, “I’m convinced that I couldn’t do what I’m doing today if it was two or three years ago.

People then would have said that everything is fine, sounds like a great concept, but I don’t need it. Now, everyone I meet relates that they know they need to get better at their business and they need what I have.”

There is no big secret as to why Ken’s new company has become successful. He told me that he talked to a lot of people about his concept. He talked to a lot of people. What a simple idea.

You can learn more about Ken and his services by going to his web site:

As I relate to my audiences nationwide, we all have more power in our brains than any computer man could ever create. Isn’t it time that we opened up our minds to great possibilities?

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