On a recent trip to do a seminar in Bend, Oregon, I learned why one local company there is continuing to have great success, no matter what the economy is doing.

The company is American Licorice and they seem to know how to get the taste of sweet success.

It was at their corporate headquarters in Bend that I interviewed Sue Jones. She is the company’s Director of Human Relations. Their licorice, in the famous large red jar, is sold nationwide along with many other sweet products.

She related that the company was founded in Chicago in 1914. Corporate headquarters was eventually moved to Bend. The company, with about 400 employees, has manufacturing facilities in Indiana and in California.

The Red Vines Licorice, in that distinctive red jar, is one of the company’s national brands. There’s also their tasty Sour Punch product and there’s a new product called Natural Vines, an all-natural licorice.

I asked Sue why the company has continued to be so successful, despite the current economy. Her answer was simple: “We’re really focusing on our consumer. We’re in the business of providing happy consumer experiences.”

She further related that the company had spent the past few years developing their business strategy, focusing on building up their consumer strategy, learning who their consumers are, and what they’re looking for from the company’s products.

This concept, of putting themselves in the customer’s shoes, has helped American Licorice to continue to succeed. That’s exactly what Dale Carnegie, in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, suggested. He said, “Put yourself in the other persons shoes and look at things from their perspective.”

“We have a very passionate and loyal following,” related Sue, “and we’re actually in the process of doing a national drawing contest by our consumers. They really love our product.” Numerous drawings from that contest were up in the hallways of the company’s headquarters.

So, there you have it. It’s not a big secret as to why some businesses struggle while others prosper.

At American Licorice they’re constantly getting involved with the ultimate customer, wanting to make sure that they have a happy consumer experience.

What can you and I do today to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and look at things from their perspective.

Perhaps we, too, could get more of the taste of sweet success.

A Sweet Success Affirmation
I put myself in other people’s shoes and look at things from their perspective.

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