On a recent trip to Sacramento, California, after conducting a seminar, I visited Old Sacramento. Just west of the downtown area, this is a wonderful rendition of what an Old West town must have looked like a long time ago.

There is a statue in Old Sacramento that depicts the beginning point of the Pony Express – a cowboy on a horse with pouches of mail.

It was at 2:45 in the morning on April 4, 1860, when a rider named Sam Hamilton took off to the east in a blinding rainstorm for the 1,966 mile trek to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Now I don’t know about you, but I thought that the Pony Express was around for a long time. But it only existed for 19 months, until October of 1861. And, during that time, they carried 35,000 pieces of mail as it connected the western part of the U.S. with the eastern part.

In that short period of time the Pony Express literally created a western legend.

So, I’m here to talk about the Pony Express because of the following fact: It was a great idea at the time. But, 19 months later, the telegraph and the railroads all took the place of the Pony Express.

Sometimes in life we get too caught up in ideas that are old, that worked during that time, but aren’t necessarily the ideas that are going to carry us to the next level in life.

So, there comes a time when we need to change and look at new ideas and decide, “OK. Whatever I’ve been doing is no longer working. I need to create some new ideas.”

That’s the problem. Here’s the solution:

You write an affirmation that states: I am very creative. I am creating lucrative new ideas.

When you say that affirmation the first thing each morning and the last thing every night, doing so for at least 30 days, I believe you will find after a couple of weeks that your mind will open up. “Well, maybe I can.”

And, within 30 days, I believe you will believe every word of it. Before you know it, you’ll open your eyes, you’ll see new things, and you’ll create new avenues that take your life to the next level.

That’s all it takes – re-programming the most powerful computer in the world – your brain.

So, I want you to be able to get on your horse and ride in a great new direction. That’s what this message is all about.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. And I believe that you are trailblazing a whole new lucrative direction in your life. Have a powerful day!


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A New Direction Affirmation
I am very creative. I am creating lucrative new ideas.

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