Setting Goals Clearly Through 6 Pictures!


Setting goals is as simple as getting pictures of the 6 most important goals in our lives.
Setting goals is like TV screens that are focused on different aspirations in our lives.

Setting goals, and achieving them, can be accomplished much more successfully when pictures are involved. During a recent stay at the DoubleTree Hotel by the Orlando Airport, I saw the big screen television sets above in the newly remodeled lobby.

At the time I was there, all of the TV sets were tuned to sports programming. Thus, I would imagine that this will be a popular spot during the NFL football season. People get a clear picture of what’s happening at 6 different stadiums around the country.

Broadcasting has certainly come a long way since I was a little boy. Then, there were only 3 channels, the pictures were black and white, there were no remote controls, and all broadcasting stopped at 12 midnight.

What If We Pictured Our Futures Clearly?

Those 6 television sets at the Orlando DoubleTree gave me an idea about our futures. What if we wrote down the 6 most important goals in our lives, both personally and professionally, and then got pictures of each of those goals as if they were already accomplished?

Then, what if we posted those 6 pictures on a wall, in a similar configuration as the TV sets in Orlando? And then, what if we looked at those pictures every day?

The Mind Responds to Pictures!

The mind does respond to pictures. And, what we focus on expands. Those two thoughts give us a clue to our future success. What we see on a regular basis becomes ingrained in our brains. And, as Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Let’s screen your future and watch what happens!

A Setting Goals Affirmation

“I’m getting pictures of my most important goals, posting them, and looking at them every day.”

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