On a recent speaking trip to Dallas, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a good friend who is also a social media expert.

Dave Nelsen, who lives in Pittsburgh, is a business executive, entrepreneur, and he seems to understand how to harness the power of social media.

Dave was born in the Silicone Valley area of California and is a Stanford graduate who moved to Pittsburgh in 1995 to work with a start-up company. He has two sons, 19 and 16, who are his friends on Facebook and help him connect to social media.

Most of what he learned about social media was through is role as the CEO of TalkShoe, a company that let people produce their own podcasts. He used social media tools to build that company.

Dave now does seminars worldwide, teaching business people how to use social media to build their businesses.

I asked Dave why it is important for people to learn about social media to promote their businesses or their companies.

He related that social media allow us to actually connect with clients and customers on a one-to-one basis and that accelerates learning on both sides.

“When we’re actually in such a conversation,” said Dave, “we learn. We build a relationship. We build trust. And that trust is part of how we sell. That’s what I love about social media.”

Just so you’ll know, Dave has been my mentor in social media for a number of months. He helped me see the great value of creating and placing videos on YouTube and has encouraged me to become active on Twitter. Before I started working with Dave, I knew nothing about social media.

Dave said that the whole concept of social media, with all its intricacies, can become confusing to the average person. Thus, he recommends focusing on one aspect at a time and getting to know that process. He said, “Pick one and just do it! Focus on it, master it, and then move on.”

That’s why, with his guidance, I simply focused on YouTube at first. Now I have my own YouTube channel (YouTube.com/user/BoazPowerTV) and have over 60 videos already posted on that channel.

Dave related that these social media services are free and all we have to do is figure out how to use them. Part of the power, Dave told me, comes from people looking for something that people post on social media and then they can be found.

“The key,” Dave said, “is to create value for viewers in a target audience. You want to create value for them in order to build a relationship that will ultimately return to you. It’s the same concept as in the movie Pay It Forward.”

If you wish to contact Dave about his work in social media, he can be reached at Dave@WeSocialize.biz.

He has helped me to begin to understand the power of social media and has a wonderful way of explaining something complex in a way that I can understand.

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A Social Media Affirmation
I am learning, one step at a time, how to use the power of social media.

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