As part of the launch of Boaz Power TV, the video version of my written newsletter, I decided to hire an announcer to open and close this new weekly program. When I met Ed Cowden, a Los Angeles voiceover artist, I knew instantly that he was the perfect choice. In Ed I found the perfect combination of a great voice and a wonderful personality.

As is true in the world of acting, becoming a successful full-time voiceover artist is very challenging. Ed has accomplished that feat.  Thus, I decided to interview him and to find out what he did to become successful in a very competitive field. We met the other day in a Los Angeles recording studio.

I learned that Ed is originally from a suburb of Boston. When he was growing up he wanted to become a lawyer. However, in high school he began to act and sing in school productions. Ed eventually studied law for two years before he realized that being an attorney was not what he really wanted to do with his life. It was not his dream.

Even though everyone around him thought he was crazy, Ed stopped going to law school in 1999 and started going to acting classes. He moved to Philadelphia, began getting acting parts in local stage and television productions, and got good reviews. Like many other people, Ed followed his dream to be an actor by moving to Los Angeles in 2003. He took acting classes in Hollywood and began to make contacts with people in the industry.

Determined to become successful, Ed did whatever it took to keep working in the industry of his dreams. In order to make extra money, he often worked as a stand-in for television shows. In talking with Ed, I quickly realized that he exemplifies something important that Napoleon Hill expressed in the book “Think and Grow Rich”. That point is: Definiteness of purpose. It means focusing strongly on a definite goal and not being willing to accept anything less.

Ed committed totally to his dream and burned his bridges behind him. He feels that “playing it secure” means people only give half an effort. He was willing to give it all for his dream. Ed eventually discovered that he really liked doing voice-over work as opposed to acting. He would practice for two hours each day, seven days a week, before he would go on many auditions. Persistence eventually paid off and he started getting voice-over jobs on a regular basis.

“I did whatever needed to be done, whether I felt like it or not,” related Ed. He further stated that he worked on his attitude every day to make sure that he kept focused on his dream. Ed’s persistence paid off. He has now done national radio campaigns, has voiced various video games, and he does many narrations for industrial and instructional videos.

Thus, Ed is yet another example of why some people succeed at achieving their dreams and many do not: Definiteness of purpose, persistent effort, and a great attitude. To me, Ed Cowden is indeed the voice of determination. If you wish to hire him to be the voice of a commercial or a corporate project, just send me an e-mail and I’ll get you in contact with Ed.


Response continues to be very good to the new “30 Day Can Do Program for Kids” CD. The short daily messages will instill in children certain positive thoughts that will help them become more confident, more caring, more respectful, and more successful. Here are some of the daily topics: Being a good student, being a good sport, the value of reading, setting goals, getting things done, confidence, and determination.

This is recommended for children 4 to 12. As a bonus to the CD, you will be e-mailed the “Can Do Workbook”, a great e-book supplementary teaching tool to the audio messages.

If you would like to order this exciting new CD, which has a 6-month money-back guarantee, simply send a check for $29 to me at the following address:

Boaz Rauchwerger
14431 Ventura Blvd., #249
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Be sure to include your e-mail address so we can send the bonus e-book.

This will also make a great gift for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, children of friends, or any other child that could benefit from a highly-productive, self-image-building program that will positively affect their lives.


A Determination Affirmation:
I am focused on my dream, show persistence, and I am determined to achieve it.

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