Now that I do a weekly television show on the Internet (something you can also do if you wish to promote your company or a personal passion), it gives me an opportunity to interview special people who have done special things.

The other day I got to spend some time on camera with a special friend who also happens to be a world-class relationship expert. Her name is Ana Weber and she resides in Irvine, California.

Ana is one of those rare human beings who exudes enthusiasm, a glittering smile, and is genuinely interested in other people.

Born in Romania, Ana wanted to make movies when she was growing up. She eventually immigrated to the United States in 1974.

When working as an HR manager for a company many years ago, Ana noticed that attitudes of workers were more negative on Mondays and Fridays.

She did some research and discovered that in a manufacturing assembly line, Monday was a bad day for productivity. She decided to call Monday “The Fun Day” instead of “The Blues Day”. Ana created fun meetings on Monday mornings and productivity increased.

After going through some challenges in her personal life, she went back to school and got another degree in behavior and human relations. That’s when she decided to coach people in the areas of letting go, change, and how to introduce goals into our reality.

Ana related to me that there are five facets to personal relationships. In the beginning, everything is very exciting. People pursue each other and they have fun. Then people get engaged in the relationship, they maintain the relationship and understand the value.

Ana further states that, unfortunately, sometimes relationships have to end. She says that its important to continue pursuing a relationship even though people are engaged in the relationship.

Having a regular weekly “date night” is something Ana feels is very important in continuing to pursue the relationship. “Enjoy the process and show enthusiasm for the relationship,” states Ana. She suggests that couples should go for walks in the park or go to a movie together.

Ana says that people need to really be in the moment for each other and that they need to make appointments with each other to spend quality time together. They should also show genuine interest in each other.

You can learn more about Ana’s work on her web site: She has written a number of books including a time-management book called “Your 48 Hour Day”. It increases the productivity of time.
Another book by Ana is “The Circle of Success”. The is a blueprint for life using the three ingredients of energy, time and money.


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A Relationship Affirmation
I enjoy working on my most important relationships. I make others feel important.

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