I recently conducted a seminar for a great group of CEO’s and their spouses in Kohler, Wisconsin.

This community is located about 4 miles west of Sheboygan, close to Lake Michigan, about an hour north of Milwaukee and a couple of hours north of Chicago.

I stopped by the world headquarters of the Kohler Corporation. You probably know them. If you’ve stayed in any beautiful hotels, and turned on the faucets in the bathroom, they probably had the Kohler label.

In my remodeling work in the past I’ve used some of their beautiful products in beautiful bathrooms.

The reason I want to talk to you about the Kohler Corporation is that it has a wonderful and interesting history.

The company was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. He was originally from Austria, where my father was from. It was in 1899 that he bought about 29 acres, west of Sheboygan, and that eventually became Kohler Village in 1912.

It is a beautiful community, beautifully laid out because of a couple of master plans. In 1917 the company had a 50-year master plan created for the area around the main plant in Kohler Village.

The plan showed how streets were to be laid out, what was to be built, how the village was to be developed over 50 years. And then again, in 1977, they created a second 50-year plan for the development of the area. No wonder it has turned out to be such a beautiful community.

The Kohler corporation now operates on 6 continents around the world, over 10,000 employees, with over a billion dollars a year in sales. There’s something in the two 50-year plans that they created for Kohler Village that is a message to all of us.

Why don’t we sit down and write out our long-range plan? Where do we want out life to be in 10, 20, or 30 years? Too often we think too close. What do we have to do today or tomorrow?

What if we laid out a long-range plan on paper and then backed it up and decided what needs to be done in the next year in order to move ahead with that long-range plan?

Written goals make all the difference in the world. Only 3% of the people in the world have written goals. And they are the ones who seem to accomplish the most in life.

So, if you want to turn on the faucet, so the speak, on a great future for yourself, why not write down your long-range plan. Divide it into short and intermediate goals and then focus on the short-term goals.

Before you know it, you’ll be amazed with what a great future you will have.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. Have a powerful day!

A Goal-Setting Affirmation
I have written down my long-range goals and broken them down into intermediate and short-term accomplishments

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