Note: If you’re part of a national or trade association, how UNBELIEVABLY awesome could their large event be if I was the speaker and you got the credit for recommending me?

I was recently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for two speaking engagements. On my way to one of those events, I stopped by Miller Field, where the Milwaukee Brewers play baseball.

Miller Field is an amazing engineering feat. That stadium has a roof that opens and closes like an old-fashioned Chinese hand-held fan. It opens and closes.

The reason I want to talk to you about baseball is that Miller Field took me back to 1956, when I was 9 years old, in Israel, and my family was about to immigrate to America.

My uncles in New York sent my brother and me a couple of yellow T-shirts. On the T-shirts there was an illustration of a man with a bat and a ball and some large lettering in English.

We did not know anything about the game of baseball at the time and could not read any English. However, it didn’t matter. Those T-shirts were from America. And, when my brother and I wore those T-shirts to school, kids wanted to touch them because they were from America.

Those T-shirts made us feel important. They were something special that our uncles had done for us and they made us feel important.

So, my suggestion for all of us is to look for ways to do something nice for someone else that will make them feel important. Everybody wants to feel important – including you and me.

It is said that people will do more for a feeling of importance than they will for money.

We all crave to feel important. What can each of us do about that today?

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. Have a powerful day!

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An Importance Affirmation
I do things to make people feel important

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