I recently spent three days doing speaking events in San Diego. During that time I had the opportunity to visit a most incredible and unusual place. It’s called Biz Town and its located inside the Junior Achievement headquarters for the San Diego area.

I met Joanne Pastula. She is the President and CEO of Junior Achievement in San Diego.

As I toured a modern, custom-built, two-story rendition of a business community, Joanne explained to me that we were in JA Biz Town. It is a program for 5th graders that enables them to come and run a real city for a day.

“This is kind of like going to Disneyland and running Disneyland. Except these kids, we have about 120 today, are actually running 21 different businesses as adults,” related Joanne.

I learned that day that Junior Achievement, in Biz Town, has a way of teaching the visiting youngsters how to pretend to be grownups. For example, there is a bank where the kids can get “money” which they can then spend in various stores.

As Joanne further explained to me, “The kids today have two jobs. They need to work in the business that they were hired to work in. We have 20 CEO’s, 20 CFO’s. We have doctors and attorneys. We have all kinds of people. And then the kids get paid for doing their job. They then get to go out on a break and spend money.”

I asked Joanne about such facilities in other parts of the world. She explained to me that Junior Achievement has 27 such facilities around the globe – two in Japan, one in London. Most of them are in the United States.

Biz Town in San Diego is the only one for Junior Achievement in California.

I was so impressed with what Joanne and Junior Achievement have created for these 5th graders in San Diego that I encourage you to get involved in your community. We can all find ways to mentor young people to help them grow up to be responsible and successful adults. Junior Achievement is a great way to do so.

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