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When in Los Angeles recently for a speaking event, I stopped by Paramount Pictures on Melrose Avenue.

This is the longest running and only remaining major movie studio in Hollywood. Founded in 1912 by Adolph Zukor, it has been the home of many famous movies and television shows.

Movies such as Titanic and television shows such as Frasier and Cheers all have been produced at Paramount. In fact, the first Academy Award for Picture of the Year was given to a Paramount picture in 1927.

The reason I want to talk to you about movies is that all of us, including you and me, we are producers and directors of our own movies that occur in our minds.

All of our minds run at the rate of about 1,500 words a minute. And, whether those words describe a good script or a bad script, is all up to each of us.

The type of movies that we run in our minds reflect the types of successes or failures that we may have in the future.

If we’re constantly putting in negative scripts into the movies in our minds, is it any wonder that negative things happen? So, I’m suggesting that, if you have some memories from the past that are not helping you, and you’re replaying those movies negatively in your mind, then take some time to quietly re-envision those movies as if they would have worked out in a much more positive way.

Just re-envision them. Overlay new pictures over old pictures. Do that long enough and I believe that you’ll be amazed with how productive this process will be.

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A Mental Movie Affirmation
I focus my movies in positive directions

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