On a recent trip to New York City, after completing a morning seminar, I had the opportunity of spending some time in Times Square.

At noon time, on a beautiful spring day, the atmosphere was electric. Many tourists taking pictures, office workers getting out for lunch in the bright sunshine, and I’m standing at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

I got to thinking about all of the Broadway shows that attract thousands of people each week to their wonderful productions. I had seen some of those shows in the past and there was always something electric about productions on Broadway.

The actors, the music, the stories – all performed by some of the top performers in the world.
I got to thinking about the fact that Broadway casts usually perform 5 or 6 nights a week and then there are matinees on some of those days.

Having done theatre in the past, and doing over 100 seminars each year, I know how much energy it takes to perform at a high level. Especially when it’s several days in a row. It’s my feeling that every audience deserves my best.

However, as I’m sure it must be true for Broadway performers, there are times when I am about to speak and I may not feel my best. The plane may have come in late the night before and I may not have gotten enough sleep. I might have a cold and not feel good.

So, as I’m sure the performers on Broadway do, I have developed a technique that helps me perform well no matter how I may feel.

Before I walk into a meeting room, if I’m not feeling well, I say to myself the following words with great conviction: “It’s Showtime!” I would guess that many Broadway performers do the same thing before the curtain goes up.

What that phrase does for me is that it focuses my mind on what has to be done, whether I feel like it or not. After all, that is the definition of a Champion. A Champion does what has to be done, when it has to be done, whether they fell like it or not.

When I say to myself, “It’s Showtime!”, it means no negotiation, no complaints, just positive action.
Thus, if you don’t feel your best when you get up in the morning, and you need to achieve something important that day, just say to yourself, “It’s Showtime!” and take action.

I believe that you’ll be amazed with how this “supercharging” of your attitude will help you start the day with a positive attitude.

Let’s raise the curtain on a great attitude for you! It’s Showtime!

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A Showtime Affirmation
I start each day with “It’s Showtime” and that helps me create a positive attitude.

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