When faced by difficulties, many people figuratively bend and break under the pressure. A few people seem to dig in their heals, hang on tight, find ways to resolve their problems, and they survive. Some ever thrive in the midst of difficulties.

Whenever I have flow out of the Burbank, California, airport for speaking engagements across the country, I’ve always driven by a certain park on the way to that airport.

There is something very unique about that park. I would always notice that many of the trees were bent over as if strong winds, over time, kept pushing them over.

However, in looking around the park, I didn’t notice any tree stumps. Apparently the trees in this particular park, had developed strong and deep roots, the type that would serve them well in the face of strong winds.

The other day I make it a point to go to that park and take a walk around.

The name of the park is Griffith Park, named either after or before the world-famous Griffith Observatory, which is on the top of the hill to the south.

The park is large and welcoming. There are equestrian trails where, on many occasions, people on horseback can be seen along its trails. There are also people having picnics, people walking their dogs, and others just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Nearby, in the Burbank area, are some of the major television and radio studios of the country. Among them are Warner Brothers, Disney, ABC, and NBC.

But the main point that strikes me about Griffith Park is all of the leaning trees. There is a correlation between them and the goals and habits of our lives.

If we follow bad or destructive habits, we will never create strong roots that will help us in difficult times. Being overweight and not eating healthy foods, can figuratively cause our lives to fall down at some point. Just like a tree in a strong wind without deep roots.

Not being wise with our money, overspending, and not having a monthly budget can do the same thing.

Perpetuating habits such as smoking and drinking to excess can do the same thing. My sister, who smoked all her life, died from Emphysema and heart failure.

Not letting the people we love the most know how much we love them on a regular basis, can also put stress on the branches of our relationships.

May I suggest, if you do not have strong, positive roots in these directions, that you take a hit from the trees in Griffith Park. Write down three habits that you would like to improve and then write positive affirmations as if they were already achieved.

Read those affirmations the first thing each morning and the last thing each night, for at least 30 days, and watch what happens. I believe you will then get to the “root” of your great future success.

An Affirmation of Positive Habits
I am identifying the positive habits that I need in my life and affirming them every day.

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