After doing a recent seminar in Appleton, Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of another company that is succeeding in the current economy.

I spoke with Gary Bezella, the President of Cross & Oberlie ( Gary’s company is a screen printer. They print promotional signs as well as political signs.

Cross & Oberlie has been in existence for 25 years and continues to be successful in the current economy.

I asked Gary why he thought they have prospered during these times. He said, “I think we’re successful because we service the customer. We provide printed signs on time, with high quality, and competitive prices. We deliver on what we promise.

When I asked Gary if Cross and Oberlie makes an effort to make every product the best that it can be, he related: “We do. We’re very cognizant of the customer and what they need and we service to their requirements.”

I asked him if, no matter what the economy is currently doing, there is still business out there. Gary said, “I think there is. We’ve been able to come through this recession very well.”

For anyone looking for ideas to promote their business, Gary urges people to go to the Cross and Oberlie web site: The company uses the Internet extensively to generate business.

I believe that Gary is giving us a very positive sign of the times. During challenging times, successful companies are constantly aware of their customer’s needs, produce high quality products at competitive prices, and they constantly promote.

You are unique. You are special. You are destined for greatness. Have a powerful day!

A Good Sign Affirmation
I am aware of what other’s need, produce a high quality product or service, and I constantly promote. I am a Champion.

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