I recently traveled to San Diego to conduct a seminar. On my way south, since I had a little extra time, I stopped by the Self-Realization Fellowship center in Encinitas, California.

There, right on the Coast Highway, you will find some of the most peaceful and beautiful meditation gardens in the country. Situated on a bluff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this is an amazing place to come, to meditate, to find peace.

However, if there is great turmoil in our lives, a visit to such an incredible place can only be a momentary respite from the stress that one would feel when getting back to reality.

One area of life that seems to be causing a lot of stress for many people is money. Used properly, it can be a very productive tool to give us peace, security, and a special lifestyle.

However, when mismanaged, the lack of money can cause stress, anxiety, fear and great heartaches.

I’ve made my share of mistakes with money in the past and, in order to find peace in this aspect of my life, I had to make some changes. Here are some of the changes I made in my own life concerning money…

I started living below my means. Where did we get misdirected when many of us thought that we had to live in fancy houses, drive fancy cars, and live a fancy life? Many were going broke trying to live beyond their means.

Thus, I lowered my expenses and that helped me to be able to sleep better at night.

I also stopped charging. I stopped using my credit card as if it was an open checkbook. It’s so easy to use credit cards. However, when the bills come in, it can be so hard to pay back those debts.

If I couldn’t afford something, I simply decided to save until I could pay in cash. Buying in cash is very empowering. Doing so meant that I was being much more responsible with my money.

My next step was to start paying off my debts. There is great power in being debt free. I started by paying off the smallest debt first. That gave me confidence and it felt good. Then I attacked the next largest debt and so on.

Being debt free is like “supercharging” a motor and it suddenly takes a vehicle in a great new direction with a lot of power.

I then started saving money. This is another way to gain great power. When you have a sizeable amount of cash in the bank, no one can threaten your security. You have created your own security.

People worry about their credit scores. I decided that I’d rather be a lender than a borrower. I also decided that cash is king and that it allows me to basically set my own credit score. Making purchases with cash now gives me great leverage when it comes to negotiating better prices.

So, those were the steps that I took to bring peace to the financial side of my life.

What about you? If you need to make some changes in your finances, why not follow the steps I’ve listed? Let’s take the feeling from the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas and spread it throughout each day of your life.

A Peaceful Affirmation
I am taking control of my finances by living below my means, paying in cash, becoming debt free, and saving money.

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