Outside of Leavenworth, Washington, there is a beautiful place called The Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. I recently spoke there for a very nice group of people.

This is an incredibly beautiful spot in the world. There are majestic trees, a beautiful meandering creek and, in the background, there are snow-capped mountains.

This is 67 acres that were bought in 1991 by a lady named Harriet Bullitt. She had been brought to the area when she was just six years old, beginning in 1931. Today this lady is 85 years young and still going strong.

Harriet Bullitt developed the entire Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort because she thought the area was so beautiful and should be preserved and enjoyed by many people.

The thing I liked about the resort is that it reminded me of certain things that are solid in our lives. This year there have been many things that have made our lives feel shaky – like tsunami’s, hurricanes, tornados, the economy – all kinds of things that made us feel as if we’re literally walking on quicksand.

I think it’s important, during these times, for us to think about certain things that are solid in our lives. Certain things that are not going anywhere.

The beautiful Sleeping Lady Resort, with its majestic trees, is not going anywhere. The snow-capped mountains I saw there are not going anywhere. The beautiful stream I saw there, other than the water flowing, is not going anywhere.

And, what is most important in our lives, that I believe we should focus on that is solid, is the relationships that we cherish. Even if there is just one person in life who cares about you, that is something solid.

Thus, for this message, I’m suggesting that we focus on what is solid, what isn’t going anywhere, and not spend quite so much time thinking about other things that make us feel as if we’re on shaky ground.

I hope to see you Wednesday morning on Lifetime Television on The Balancing Act, 7-8 a.m. Easter and Pacific time. If you wish to book me for a speaking engagement, my number is 619-723-3007.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. You are a Champion!

A Solid Affirmation
I focus on those things in my life that are solid

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