On a recent speaking trip to Galveston, Texas, I learned about the extent of damage that Hurricane Ike caused when it smashed into that community at 2:10 in the morning on September 13, 2008.

However, in the time since that tragedy, I saw on my visit the amazing progress that the residents of Galveston have made.

The people of southeastern Texas are resilient. They get things done. They stand up and take action. As I drove around town, I was truly amazed with the progress they had made since Hurricane Ike.

I found the town alive and breathing and a wonderful place to come and visit for a vacation.

So, the message here is about getting things done.

We all, at one time or another, have a hurricane either literally or figuratively come through our lives and then we just don’t know what to do.

Well, the champions just start with step one.

So, if a house like one of the many new ones I saw being built in Galveston was demolished in a hurricane, the first step to recovery would be to pick up a piece of wood and put it in the trash. The idea is to pick up the mess and clean up.

That’s the first step.

Some things in life are tension-relieving while others are goal-achieving. So, I found when I was in a difficult situation, that if I focused on those goals that were goal-achieving, I went much further and I was able to make great progress.

Great power is generated when we take action quickly on something that has to be done, something that is goal-achieving.

I believe you do exactly that when you’re faced with a storm.

A Get Things Done Affirmation
I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly

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