After a recent seminar in Memphis, Tennessee, I stopped by Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. It’s on Elvis Presley Boulevard, not far from the Memphis Airport.

Across the street from the palatial grounds of the home are parked Elvis’ two airplanes. The larger one is an impressive four engine jet named The Lisa Marie, after Elvis’ daughter.

On the tail of that airplane are the following three letters: TCB. That stood for “Taking Care of Business”.

No matter what Elvis was doing, whether preparing for a concert or preparing for a movie, he always took care of business. Meaning he took care of the most important details and he did them well.

What if you and I took that theory and applied it to every day of our lives? What if we asked ourselves, the first thing every morning, “What is the most valuable thing I should be doing today? (Repeat) What is the most valuable thing I should be doing today?” And then go ahead and do it.

And, if you get distracted, come back to it. As long as you get that single most valuable thing done today, I believe that you’ll be amazed with how much you can accomplish over time.

When you do that, you’ll by applying Elvis Presley’s theory of “Taking Care of Business”.

You are unique. You are special. You are destined for greatness. I see it in you, you are a Champion!

A Taking Care of Business Affirmation
I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly

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