Before doing a recent seminar in Phoenix, I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of another company that is succeeding in the current economy.

I spoke with Pam Gaber, the enthusiastic CEO of Gabriel’s Angels ( This is an Arizona-based charity that provides healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk youth.

“The whole concept,” Pam told me, “is the loving bond between children and animals. It allows these kids to open up and they can begin the healing process.”

Pam started Gabriel’s Angels 10 years ago with Gabriel, their founding dog, whom they unfortunately lost in May to cancer. According to Pam, the organization is very motivated to heal children that are in Arizona.

Pam and I discussed the fact that many companies are struggling in the current economy, especially non-profits. I asked her why Gabriel’s Angels is still in existence and why they are successful.

She said, “I’ve always laughed at the term ‘non-profit’ in some ways because we should be profitable. If someone gives us a dollar, and we only spend 60 cents, then what we’ve done is we’ve built reserves. That’s what has helped us get through this economy.

Passion will get you a long way. But you’ve got to learn how to fund raise, have a sound fund development strategy, and put systems into your business. If you don’t have systems, then every time you do something, it’s like the first time you’ve ever done it.”

I noticed that Pam obviously had a fabulous attitude and I asked her about that. “I wake up every day,” she related, “and I say to myself I’m going to make it a great day. That’s the power of the attitude, the mind, and the power to make our day great.”

I teach across the country that people should not hope or wish but, like Pam, people should expect something good and then they should make it happen. Pam said that we should look at the outcome, expect what that outcome is, and get out there with the attitude that makes it happen.

Concerning the terms “recession” or “depression”, Pam told me, “I said to my staff earlier this year ‘We’re not participating in any recession’. Yes, there’ll be a new normal. The other difference I have in my arena is, in a down economy, my demand goes up.

I have to be able to serve these kids. What an injustice it would be for me to downsize, and let my people go, when I’ve got an increased demand from mental health services for children here in Arizona.”

So, if you and I have been barking up the wrong tree concerning the economy, I’m sure Pam would agree with me that it’s time for us to look ahead and see what’s possible and then make some success happen in our lives.

A Gabriel Affirmation
I’m not barking up the wrong tree. I’m changing my attitude and looking for the good.

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