Many people, unfortunately, do just enough to get by while a few people strive for excellence in everything they do.

Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”, stated that high achievers go the extra mile. In my book, that means whether anyone is watching or not.

My mother, who always wanted to do her best at everything she did, told me, “Son, I don’t have time not to do it well the first time.”

My father, who was a very good carpenter and builder, taught me a great lesson one day as we worked together on a home re-modeling job. He took great pains to rebuild a wall. Much of the work was going to be covered up by the wallboard.

I asked my dad why he was working so hard on something that no one would see when the wall was completed. He said, “Son, I see it and it’s important to me to do this right.”

These valuable lessons from my parents have stayed with me throughout my life. Thus, I admire things that people create that show excellence.
A few weeks ago I was conducting a seminar for a wonderful group of executives in Long Island, not far from New York City.

The meeting room, in a nice hotel, was the typical setup with tables in a U-Shape. In most meeting rooms like that, the tables have tablecloths draped over them and they simply drop down to the floor.

These tables, I suddenly realized, had “tapered” tablecloths that curved down to the legs. These unique tablecloths made each table look like a pedestal. I have done hundreds of seminars in recent years, in locations throughout North America, and I had never seen such unique-looking tablecloths.

Obviously, someone thought that there was room for a unique new design and they carried out that thought. A great example, to me, of excellence.

Then, on my drive to the airport, I passed a great-looking 18-wheeler truck. You may be thinking, “Boaz has too much time on his hands.” I say, “Why don’t we notice when someone has done something special?”

This truck was a fuel tanker and the main portions of the vehicle looked like any other fuel tanker. However, this truck had chrome bumpers that curved around each set of wheels.

It was amazing. This truck looked like a Tonka Toy that had been blown up to full size. If I were a truck driver, I would want to drive a truck that looked just like that!

Again, to me, a sign of excellence. Someone thinking that they could take a basic idea and improve on it.

I believe that there is a great sense of satisfaction, and untold rewards, from showing excellence in everything we do – every day.

Why don’t you and I both practice this ideal a little more this week? Perhaps, like that truck I saw, this could become a wonderful driving ambition.


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An Excellence Affirmation
I go the extra mile in everything I do and I strive for excellence every day!

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