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Attitude means everything and it needs to be adjusted on a regular basis. I learned an important lesson about adjusting our attitude when I recently spoke in St. Louis and stopped by the famous Gateway Arch.


According to Wikipedia, “The Gateway Arch is a 630-foot monument in St. Louis. Clad in stainless steel and built in the form of an inverted, weighted catenary arch, it is the world’s tallest arch. It’s also the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere, and Missouri’s tallest building.

Built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States, and officially dedicated to ‘the American people,’ it is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and has become an internationally recognized symbol of St. Louis, as well as a popular tourist attraction.”

The Gateway Arch took two and a half years to construct and was opened to the public in 1967. It is located at the site of where St. Louis was founded, on the bank of the Mississippi River.

I’ve had the amazing experience of riding the unique elevator system in the arch that takes visitors to the observation deck at the top. Most noteworthy is the bird’s eye view of the city of St. Louis that one gets at the top. Especially relevant is the fact that the building of The Arch was an engineering marvel! I would guess that, with the builders of this incredible monument, they would have agreed that attitude means everything!


Most people take a four-minute tram in either one of the legs to get to the top of The Arch. Each tram is a chain of eight cylindrical, five-seat compartments, that swing like Ferris-wheel cars as they go up and down.

Thus, in order to keep the passengers level, these compartments make a series of adjustments as they move up and down The Arch. In reality, those adjustments are similar to the changes that happen in each of our lives.

Unexpected things happen to all of us, good or bad, and we have to react. Therefore, if we react with a bad mood, that could affect the outcome negatively. Thus, it’s not what happens, it’s how we react and attitude means everything. Hence, Champions have bad moments. However, they just react more quickly and look for any positive step they could take to make things better.

Just like the tram compartments at the St. Louis Arch, life is a series of adjustments. Hence, if these adjustments are difficult for you, the following affirmation may help.


“I look for the good in any difficult situation and look for a productive step I can can take immediately!”

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A great attitude does indeed begin by being real nice. Thus, you would think that simple concept would be understood by everyone. However, it is not. I learned a lot about being real nice when I had a flight cancellation at Washington’s Dulles Airport for a speaking event.

Even though my United flight from Dulles to Charlotte was canceled due to bad weather, I learned that there was a later flight on American. However, a call to United showed there were no seats available on that flight.


That’s when two lovely ladies came to my rescue. They were Teresa Alder, on the left in the picture above, and Sophia Wentz on the right. We were all on my canceled flight and, as we got off, we somehow connected in the gate area. They both happen to work for United, live in Charlotte and commute to Dulles to work every week.

Hearing of my dilemma, they told me to come with them and soon we were heading to the American Airlines gate. They were determined to get all three of us on their flight to Charlotte.

I don’t know what they said, but that’s exactly what they did. Thus, all three of us got on the American flight and I got to Charlotte.


The bottom line of one of the books I promote a lot, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, is how to be real nice and how that improves our attitude. It’s as simple as that.

Teresa and Sophia went out of their way to be real nice to me and I was very grateful. What did they want from me? Nothing. They just wanted to be helpful. And, as you can see from the picture, they did it with a smile!

My mother said: Be a planter of good seeds and don’t look for a crop in return. Teresa and Sophia planted some wonderful seeds of appreciation in my mind and I will remember their kindness for a long time to come.

Teresa and Sophia were two lovely angels who save my day.


“I have a great attitude and I’m real nice to people every day!”

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Changing your personal and professional attitude starts by changing the way you think about the situations, the people and the world around you. The attitude we exhibit can also play a large roll in how others see us. Typically people either see you as having a positive and optimistic tone to life or a negative and pessimistic world perspective. Even more important, this decision can be made within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. I have been a keynote attitude speaker for nearly a decade and there is nothing more important in the workforce today than a positive can do attitude.

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A positive attitude is a mindset that can be learned and mastered over time. Once learned you can use these tips on a daily basis to bring a positive outlook to your life. This, in turn, creates a ripple effect, with your positive attitude impacting those around you to create ever widening circles of positivity rather than negativity.

Learning how to tap into the positive side of your emotions and outlook on life starts with developing some simple habits. The more of these you incorporate into your own life on a daily basis, the more positive your attitude will be. You will also improve the attitude of those you encounter and spend time with throughout the day. Below are 15 ways to improve your attitude, choose what works best for you and start to improve your attitude and the attitude of those around you today!

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1. Use Positive Inspiration

You don’t just have to look internally to find the motivation to be positive. The internet makes it easy to find inspirational quotes, articles, websites and even short YouTube videos to get yourself into a positive state of mind. Try starting your day by listening to a motivational video to help set the tone for the day.

It is also a good idea to look towards motivational speakers, authors, poets and business leaders or other individuals that focus on providing positive messages and inspirational quotes. Connect on social media or through daily emails and read the messages, incorporating them into your day.

2. Front and Center

It can be easy to be thrown off your positive game by a negative interaction. To avoid this pitfall, link an image in your mind as well as a physical image in your space with your positive thoughts.

For instance, if you find yourself feeling positive and inspired when you are around your children, when you look at beautiful art or when you listen to specific music, use that as a self-prompt if you find your attitude turning to negative and pessimistic. Visualize the beauty of the art, your child’s smiling face or play your favorite song in your head to prompt a positive perspective.

3. Make Mini Goals a Part of Your Life

what-are-your-goals?There is an old saying about the fact that you don’t really know if you have arrived if you don’t know where you are going. People that have a positive attitude know where they are going in their personal and professional life and they set small, manageable mini-goals to help them to stay on track.

While large goals are necessary as well, set mini goals to accomplish over a day, week or month. Write them down and check them off as they are completed to see your personal and professional progress and growth. When you feel you are growing and improving consistently your attitude improves. You start to see yourself as better than you were before, which boosts your confidence and attitude.

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4. Become the Solution Guru

solution-focusedOne way to start thinking about positive outcomes and options is to avoid focusing on the problem and start looking at the possibility of a solution. By choosing the solution focus, the brain’s creative energy is utilized, and possibilities will emerge. If you only focus on the problem, it is more likely that the obstacles and challenges seem to get bigger, creating a negative cycle.

This is effective in both your personal life and your professional life. People like to be around problem-solvers, not around those that make problems larger than life. When you solve problems for yourself and others you will gain more respect which in turn will boost your attitude.

5. Know You Are In Control

One critical factor for a positive attitude is to understand that your attitude, or how you perceive things around you, is all up to you. How you choose to think about something is entirely your choice.

By listening to the internal dialogue that goes on in your head at all times, it is easy to spot when the negative “that won’t happen, that is impossible, that’s too hard” type of statements start creeping in. Once you recognize a negative thought, replace it with as positive thought such as “I can creatively solve that, I can take on a challenge or what do I need to make this a reasonable task to complete” to change your attitude.

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6. Don’t Let Negatives Drag You Down

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that you ignore real world challenges or negative events in your life. Rather, it means you don’t let them overtake your life and drain your emotional energy. Life is too short to let negative events control your attitude.

Having the ability to recognize a negative event, debrief it mentally and then see the next event in the day as something completely new and different from the negative issues is key. An example of this might be having a small disagreement with your spouse in the morning. This could ruin your entire day if you let it! So it is key to mentally debrief and move on so that your attitude/mood improves and allows you to have a great day.
As an attitude speaker, I believe this is essential to those people who have high-stress jobs and should be implemented right away.

7. Develop a Positive Sense of Self

positive-thinking-quoteIt can be easy to be discouraged if you hit a string of challenging events, people or things in life. To avoid becoming negative, develop a set of positive messages about your abilities. This can be a private journal or even a list, but keep adding to the things that you feel good about yourself and review it often.

Being positive and having a “bounce back” attitude means being in touch with the abilities, skills, and talents you bring to every interaction with other people in your life. When you are more in tune with your skills or any part of your mental or physical body/mind you have more control over your thoughts. This gives you the ability to improve your attitude more easily when it is most needed.

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8. Look for the Silver Lining

The 8th of 15 ways to improve your attitude is to look for the good in the bad. There are two different ways to look at all events that happen in your life. One way is to see everything as a problem just waiting to happen, and the other is to see things as an opportunity that is yet to be realized.

The secret is to turn from the negative everything is a problem mode into the positive, start to look for the silver lining in things that happen. What did you learn, what made you stronger, what did you learn about your resilience or abilities you didn’t know before? By looking at things as potential positives rather than possible or even probable negatives you will feel your attitude shift.

9. Choose Your Friends and Colleagues Wisely

It is hard to stay positive and have a solution focused attitude if everyone around you is negative. While you may not be able to control who you have to work with, you can control who you choose to engage with socially. Move negative, “can’t do” people out of your life or at least minimize your interactions. Look for people who are encouraging, positive and upbeat in your professional and social relationships.

10. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

How you talk and behave can trigger both positive and negative attitudes. If you get up in the morning and are feeling negative, staying in that negative mode by thinking about all the things that will go wrong that day is going to prescribe just how bad your day will become. Additionally, holding onto the negative thoughts of yesterday can cause your attitude to continue to suffer.

On the other hand, if you wake up in a bad mood, you can also choose to do something you enjoy, make your favorite breakfast, read a positive or uplifting article or maybe call a friend or loved one who always makes you feel great about yourself.

Look for ways to express positivity to set yourself up for a great day. Smile at the people you meet, hold a door for someone or do a random act of kindness to get into a positive mode. You can’t always control how you feel in the morning, but 90% of the time you actually can. If your employees could benefit from an improved attitude, consider working with a keynote attitude speaker to show them how to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to attitude alignment and positive thinking.

11. Don’t Personalize “No”

In personal and professional conversations, the word “no” is frequently used. People that have a positive attitude see “no” as an answer to a specific question, not as a personal rejection. Rather than allowing this to create negative feelings or self-doubt, think of ways to creatively approach the issue or to learn from the experience for the future.

12. Count Your Blessings

count-your-blessingsIt can be very easy to get into the habit of comparing what you have or what you have achieved in life with other people. This is never helpful as everyone has different starting points, circumstances and opportunities in life.

To stay positive, focus on what you have achieved, what brings you pleasure and the blessings you have in your world right now. Being content and satisfied in life leads to a positive attitude while constantly envying others only brings about negativity.

13. Have a Positive Path in Life

One critical factor to having a positive attitude in life is having a purpose you believe in. Make the daily choice to be positive and to take one step forward to reaching your short and long-term goals. While having goals is important, so is having a way to get from where you are to where you want to be. So create a strategy to make those goals become a reality.
This is also a personal path. It is not the path of your friends or your coworkers, but it’s a path that makes you personally happy, satisfied and content with the choices you have and will make in life.

14. Be Happy for Others

One way to obtain a positive attitude is not just to feel great about yourself but to celebrate the achievements, accomplishments, and milestones of the people around you.

When you can feel happy for other people, it can be just a positive of a feeling of being happy for yourself. This feeling intensifies if you have played a part in helping that person achieve their goals. It is also something that is genuine and that can be felt by those around you.

15. Celebrate Achievements

celebrate-success-imageCelebrating your personal achievements is also a positive way to boost how you feel about yourself. By celebrating your personal and professional achievements you are taking the necessary time to actually feel good about what you are doing and accomplishing. If you fail to celebrate your achievements and completing your goals you will burn out.

Just make sure that you are celebrating responsibly. Being able to celebrate responsibly means that you don’t put others down due to your achievements. It also means that you don’t get completely wasted on the following Friday and ruin your opportunity to develop personally because you are too hungover or sick.


The key to changing your attitude is to focus on how you see your professional and personal life and the world around you. Changing your thoughts about these issues from dwelling on negatives to setting goals to make positive progress will have a definite and measurable change in your attitude and the attitude of those around you

There are many other ways to create and maintain a positive attitude that will benefit yourself and those around you. Choose the actionable items that work best for you and use them as often as possible. Make sure that you don’t only use the methods of improving your attitude that are easiest to use, but also the ones that are most effective.

It takes time to learn how to change your thoughts and your attitude so don’t expect this to be an overnight transformation. It takes practice, continuous effort, discipline and the ability to fail and continue to try. By having a plan and an arsenal of actionable items you can put in place to create a positive attitude for yourself you are setting yourself up for success. Learning to use different tactics at different moments and in different settings will improve your ability to control your attitude. The above 15 ways to improve your attitude are only a few options, you can always find more ways to improve your attitude if you just look for them.

As a keynote attitude speaker, I preach and teach my audiences the importance of a positive attitude. Check out one of my latest attitude speaker videos on The Balance of Your Power where I discuss the importance of balancing your positive and negative thoughts.

Cheers to your future success!

Boaz Rauchwerger
Keynote Attitude Speaker

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Attitude is something we all work with every day. Thus, taking your attitude to the next level of achievement can be a challenge. When I was in Ohio recently, in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas for speaking engagements, I learned something valuable from the Wright Brothers. While there, I visited where their home used to stand in Dayton and saw where their bicycle shop used to be.

I drove about 10 miles north of Dayton to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field. This is where the Wright Brothers tested their next flying machine after their initial success at Kitty Hawk.


At Huffman Field, I took the picture above of the plaque showing the catapult the brothers used to launch their plane into the air. Apparently the winds at that field were not strong enough to get the plane off the ground by engine power along. Thus, they built a track of wooden rails. In addition, they built a wooden derrick. Two horses lifted a 1,600-pound counterweight. Then, when the weight was released, the plane was launched.


The same way that the Wright Brothers launched their plane in Dayton, we can figuratively launch a positive attitude every day. That is, an attitude that can help get us to the next level of achievement. Therefore, a great attitude is a matter of directing our thoughts.

We’re all declaring affirmations every day. Unfortunately, many of them are negative and destructive. What if you purposefully declared affirmations, daily, affirming what we want rather than what we don’t want? I suggest affirmations such as: “Everything I touch prospers and succeeds; I am in great health; create great relationships; I am a Champion.”

State what you want, morning and evening, and watch what happens in the next 90 days. As a result, this process could catapult you to a whole new level of achievement. When it came to achievement, the Wright Brothers believed that the sky’s the limit!


I declare positive affirmations each day, stating what I want out of life!

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