How to Balance Our Lives is displayed in the Nevada desert.

To balance our lives, these days, seems to be an endless exercise in futility. There are so many distractions that we can miss important things.

Recently, while in Las Vegas for speaking engagements, I drove just south of town to see something I had missed the last time I drove to Vegas. There, just east of Interstate 15, was the site in the picture above.


There, in plain site, was Seven Magic Mountains. If you look closely, you may see some people at the bottom of the pillars. This is one of the largest land-based installations of art in the United States.

The information sign states that “this is a large-scale, site-specific, public artwork by artist Ugo Rondinone. It consists of locally-sourced limestone boulders stacked vertically in groups ranging between three and six.

Each stone boasts a different fluorescent color; each individual totem stands between thirty and thirty-five feet high. The stacks evoke the art of meditative rock balancing. As a result, the works appear poised between monumentality and collapse – seeming to defy gravity in their teetering formations, but equally to depend on it.”


The heavy boulders at this site are obviously balanced on each other very carefully. We, in our busy lives, have to carefully balance all of our responsibilities. Otherwise, our lives may topple.

Thus, when we feel overwhelmed, we might ask ourselves the following question: What is the most valuable thing I should be doing right now? We usually know. However, we often gravitate to that which is “tension-relieving” rather than “goal achieving”.

Having a few minutes of quiet time, with no distractions, may be the most valuable at that moment. Spending time with our loved ones may be the most valuable. Hence, we usually know. The key is to ask the question, when we feel out of balance, and the most valuable thing will become clear. Then, immediately, start to do that most valuable thing.

Before you know it, this process will become automatic and you’ll find it much easier to balance your life.


“I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly!”

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