How to get financial freedom

How to get financial freedom is something most everyone wants to accomplish. However, most people never get there because there are no classes in ordinary schooling that teach this important subject. In fact, this is a very important subject. In the majority of divorces, money and the handling of it is usually found to be the root cause of the breakup. Not only are there no classes on how to handle money, but there are many examples of people creating mental roadblocks that will guarantee they never become financially free. The following are some things to do, and some things not to do, on the road to financial freedom.


How to get financial freedomThe main reason why more people don’t become financially free is their belief system. Perhaps it comes from childhood or from relatives. Many people grow up with a “poor” attitude, thinking they don’t deserve to be rich. Perhaps they grew up in a family situation where money was tight and caused problems between parents. Thus, people can get the idea that money is bad. It causes problems. Therefore, why would someone want to have a lot of it? This often results in negative self-talk which is a form of hypnotism. If we tell ourselves something long enough, we can become entranced with that concept and that guides our actions.

This feeling of not deserving money, success, and happiness, can lead to bad decisions when more money is earned. People get into debt, they make bad investments, spend it foolishly, or they lend it or lose it.

If negative self-talk can exist, so can positive self-talk. The subconscious mind does not analyze the information we allow into our brains. It takes everything as being real. Therefore, if we desire financial freedom, and have a negative view of money, then we need to change the self-talk into what we really want. The following affirmation, stated the first thing each morning and the last thing each night, without analysis, will help when it’s declared for several months:

Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I deserve to be successful! Money comes to me easily from all directions. I have a prosperity attitude!


How to get financial freedomHow to get financial freedom is based on our relationship with money. What if money was a person? What if that entity heard us saying bad things about money? “I never have enough. I can’t make ends meet. Things cost too much.” It wouldn’t want to be around us. Since our words become our reality, I suggest we never use negative words when it comes to money. Let’s treat money as if it’s a friend. Let’s develop a good relationship with money.

Money comes to people who attract it. Let’s make sure you don’t repel it with the words you use. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford that,” say “How can I afford that?” Instead of saying, “I can’t make ends meet,” say “I’m an expert at managing my money.” When you combine this change of words with the affirmation above, you’re making sure that your thoughts and your words work in unison to help you become financially free. Handling money is a habit, either good or bad. My aim is to make this habit a very good one for you. In addition, carry a $100 bill in your purse or wallet. That will make you feel prosperous every time you see it!


How to get financial freedomHow to get financial freedom greatly depends on staying out of debt. Society makes it so easy these days for people to get into debt. Everywhere we look there are offers for credit cards that make it seem simple to get what we want right now. Just hand over the credit card and the item you want is yours. However, that momentary thrill quickly fades away when it takes months, or sometimes years, to pay off the debt. Often we find ourselves making minimum payments and, when combining that with the high interest rates, a simple purchase can become very expensive over a period of time.

A very productive new habit, when it comes to money, is to pay in cash. If we can’t afford to get something right now, what’s wrong with saving for it? There is a much greater joy, in my opinion, to pay in cash and have no payments to drag us down for a long time. There is great power, and great confidence, in being debt-free and having money in the bank. That give us choices in life and allows us to live life the way we desire.

If you are in debt right now, I suggest you tighten your belt, hold down your expenses, and pay off those debts. Focus on the smallest one first and get it paid off. Make minimum payments on all the rest. Then, focus on the next one in line. Paying off the small debts first will give you momentum and give you the feeling that you’re actually making progress. Add the payments you made on one and two to focus on paying off number three and so on.


How to get financial freedomHow to get financial freedom is helped greatly with a written budget. In my work as a professional speaker, I often poll audiences to see how many people actually operate on a written monthly budget with their money. The results are always pretty much the same. Usually, no more than 25% of the people do that. Thus, the rest of the people have no order with their money and thus there’s often not enough to get through the month. They end up using credit cards or tapping savings accounts in order to get the extra money they need. This is a pattern to nowhere.

I’ve been there. I remember, years ago, when I didn’t operate on a monthly budget. My credit cards were all charged to the max and that also reflected my stress level. When we’re under stress with money, that affects everything else we do. We don’t operate at peak performance and we could miss opportunities. Now that I don’t have credit card debt anymore, the sense of freedom is amazing! I have a credit card in my wallet, which is there only for emergencies. I operate on a debit card. That way, when the money is at zero, I have to stop spending.

Put together a monthly, written budget where every dollar is allocated to something specific. Look for any areas where money doesn’t absolutely have to be spent and pare that down. Make every effort to stick to the written budget for a few months and watch how that improves your chances of becoming financially free.


How to get financial freedomHow to get financial freedom can be learned from the Og Mandino book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. In that book, he talks about the wealthy Persian merchants in Babylon, 6,000 years ago. They treated money with respect and thus it accumulated and took care of them. They believed that “a part of all I earn is mine to keep”. I believe that it’s not how much money we make that’s important. It’s how much of it we keep. Otherwise, how would explain the little old librarian in Vermont who retires with a half a million dollars in her savings? She never made much money each year. However, she simply kept a part of all she earned each year and put it into her savings. After many years, she had a great nest egg.

Thus, I suggest that the first item on your written budget should be to your savings. It doesn’t matter if it’s initially $25 a month. It’s not the amount. It’s the habit of paying yourself first. Because, if you don’t, you and I know what will happen. Savings becomes the last item to think about and there’s usually not any left at the end of the month. If you don’t consider yourself, and your financial future important, no one else will. Your financial future must come first on the list! Then, as you continue to be more productive with money, you can increase that monthly contribution toward your financial freedom.

Thus, to establish the foundation toward financial freedom, change your mindset about money, don’t say words about money that you don’t want, stay out of debt, operate on a written monthly budget, and pay yourself first.


“Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I deserve to be successful! Money comes to me easily from all directions. I have a prosperity attitude!”

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Be ambitious and prosper

Be ambitious and prosper is a concept that can transform our lives. Sometimes we look at people who are ambitious as being greedy. However, I believe that most people who are ambitious actually have their goals clearly defined and they’re going after them with resolve and determination. There’s nothing greedy about that. That just makes sense. Thus, if we don’t clearly define where we want to go, and develop a plan to get there, then the universe will dictate our destination. Ambition is simply self-determination and it makes all the difference in the world as to why some people live extraordinary lives while others just get by. If you seek to rev up your ambition, and live a better life, then here are some ideas that may help.


Be ambitious and prosperBe ambitious and prosper by creating a blueprint for the type of life you desire. In one of my careers, I was a carpenter and a builder. If I wanted to build a new house, I wouldn’t just order a bunch of wood, have it dropped off on an empty lot, and hope that a house would magically appear. I would have to start with a blueprint that shows all the details that would be necessary to build the house. The same thing goes for our lives and our goals. Thus, without a detailed plan, there’s no way to structure a special future.

Ask yourself, “If nothing changes in my life, would I be pleased with where I am five years from now?” If the answer is no, then you need to crank up your ambition. Write down specific goals that would define exactly where you want to be in your life five years from now. Define where you want to your health, your relationships, your career, your finances, and your home to be at that time. Break down those five year goals into the portions you need to accomplish in the next 12 months. Then, narrow that focus to the next 30 days. Make sure the 30 days goals are believable. If not, lower them until you do believe. What you see is what you’ll get. Get pictures of the five year goals and post them where you can see them every day.


Be ambitious and prosperBe ambitious and prosper by overcoming fear. Ambitious people have fears. However, they simply realize that they have to fight that urge or it will paralyze them and keep them from accomplishing their goals. What do most people fear? When it comes to success, I believe that most people fear failure. “What if I try something and it doesn’t work out and what will other people think?” Winston Churchill said that “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Thus, I think that ambitious people turn their fears into positive actions by simply taking more chances. They come to bat more often and don’t fear striking out. They know that the odds are in their favor to prosper, sooner or later, when they take massive action. Babe Ruth was famous for hitting more home runs in his era than any other baseball player. It is also a fact that Babe Ruth had more strike outs than most players of his time. He went from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm until he reached his next success. The following affirmation, stated the first thing each morning and the last thing each night, might help if fear is keeping you from being ambitious:

I always do the most valuable thing first and quickly. I am ambitious and I’m creating a great future.


Be ambitious and prosperBe ambitious and prosper is the theme of people who are known as entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is someone who creates ideas for businesses or companies and then takes action to bring those ideas to life. Thus, it is this pattern of thinking that goes hand-in-hand with being ambitious. If you wish to become more ambitious, you need to think differently. Don’t be average. The average person is bored and broke. Ambitious people realize that they’re 6” away from success. The distance between their ears.

Thus, to think like an entrepreneur, we need to put different thoughts in our minds. The average person will have many more negative thoughts swirling in the mind that positive thoughts. The excess negative thoughts will kill ambition. Reading, the right books, will put the right thoughts in our minds and we’ll find ourselves thinking more like an entrepreneur. The best book I’ve ever read on entrepreneurship is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It tells the stories of many entrepreneurs and explains how they became successful. However, don’t just read that book once. Read it at least 3 times in the next year and that will embed some of the valuable ideas in your mind.


Be motivated and prosperBe ambitious and prosper by taking some kind of positive action TODAY. Benjamin Franklin said that there is no day of the week called “Someday.” Thus, ambitious people don’t take a lot of time to analyze opportunities. They don’t wait until they know everything they need to know to take action. Ambitious people don’t wait for the approval of others to get started. They take action NOW. They realize that there is great power in immediate action. In other words, motivated people perform and they do it NOW!

When it comes to success, ambitious people know that a series of small steps can lead to big successes. They don’t spend a lot of time analyzing opportunities. They take action. My family immigrated to America when I was 9. My mother came to the U.S. with no money and no English. Within a few years she had both. She was ambitious and that was reflected in the small, positive actions that she took every day. She would sneak a few minutes of progress, on important goals, every day. In time, her small daily steps added up to big accomplishments.


Be ambitious and prosperBe ambitious and prosper by becoming a master at something. Becoming really good at something can help you become more ambitious and can lead to great success. Before I became a paid professional speaker, I gave many free speeches in a short period of time. It was the summer of 2000 when I decided to change my career and become a professional speaker. Thus, I booked myself to give free speeches at Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs all over San Diego, where I lived at that time.

I gave several each week, perfecting my message by getting audience feedback from each group. As I recall, I gave over 50 free speeches in a matter of 3 or 4 months before someone offered me money to speak. Ever since that time, I have now give over 2,000 paid speeches throughout North America, in the Caribbean, and in England. Thus, the more I focus on making my messages more meaningful, the better I get, and the more ambitious I become. I am constantly working at mastering what I do at a higher level.


Be ambitious and prosperBe ambitious and prosper by being careful who you spend time with and from whom you get advice. Our life is the total sum of the five people we spend the most time with and follow. Thus, take a look around and analyze whether the people around you are ambitious and successful. If they are not, and you wish to live a more prosperous life, find new people to spend time with and follow. Identify those people and ask them for advice about your future. Ambitious people are usually honored to give advice to others.

Much of my speaking career has been for the world’s largest organization of CEO’s. It’s called Vistage. CEO’s meet in groups of about a dozen, one day a month, and help each other with ideas on how to have their companies become more successful. Thus, spending time with all of these ambitious CEO’s has had a tremendous influence on the way I think and in my level of ambition. I’ve learned that these people have challenges. However, they consider those as opportunities, take action, and move ahead. I know how valuable it is to spend time with ambitious people.

If you’re not pleased with where you are in life, you’re the only one who can change your future. Follow these simple ideas and see how that improves your ambition and adds prosperity to your future.


“I am a talented, capable, ambitious person! I’m creating a great future for myself!”

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