Sell yourself to others.

Sell yourself to others if you want to get ahead in your career and take your life to a new level of success. If you think about it, we’re all selling our thoughts and ideas to others every day. We’re promoting ideas to our kids, our spouses, our co-workers, and our customers. Most people don’t make a conscious effort to sell themselves in a positive way that gets positive results. There are specific steps that we can each take to make sure we’re selling ourselves in the most productive way possible.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by realizing that the first 15 minutes of each day dictate our attitude for the entire day. Most people listen to news on the radio, watch TV news, or read the paper. When I was a newscaster years ago, they did not tell us to find positive stories. Our slogan was, “If it bleeds, it leads!” Most news reports are about murder and mayhem. May I suggest not watching the late TV news before going to bed. You’re programming your mind for violence!

Then, when you wake up in the morning, instead of focusing on the news, may I suggest you declare some positive affirmations and read a page or two in a positive book. The two books I recommend are “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. A great opening affirmation might be: Everything I touch prospers and succeeds!

Then, write down the 5 most important things you need to do that day, in the order of their importance. Focus on the #1 item until it’s done. Then focus on item #2, and so forth. This kind of focus will help your attitude greatly and give a much better reflection of you to others throughout each day.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by observing that people like people who encourage others and who look for the good in any situation. However, what does the average person do? They focus on the bad because it allows them to make excuses about their own lives: “Well, if I wanted to, I could do as well as that person.” I don’t think that’s true. If that person REALLY wanted to, they would take action and do it. Many people are lazy and don’t want to put out the effort to improve their situation.

However, the people who make an extra effort, who are looking for the good, are admired by others. Dale Carnegie, in “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, recommended that we “Look for the good and embellish it. And, as much as possible, disregard the bad.” It doesn’t mean we totally disregard the bad. Let’s take care of what needs to be done and just not focus on it as much. If we want to sell our ideas to others, let’s focus on the good and more of that will occur. People will like our attitude, want to help us, and want to buy more of what we’re selling.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by realizing that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. It’s also known that people who smile a lot seem to live happier lives and I would bet that they live longer. My mother, who lost four brothers and sisters and her parents in the Holocaust, had the most positive attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. She smiled a lot. I finally had to ask her one day, “Mom, how can you have such a positive attitude? You have every right to hate everybody, including God.” Her answer was amazing and proved why she sold herself and her ideas to others so beautifully. She said, “Son, if I don’t have a good attitude, then they got me too and they didn’t shoot one bullet!”

If you want to sell yourself to others, and smiling is not something you do easily and warmly, let’s experiment with the following idea. Make a concerted effort to give a warm smile to five people each day for a week. Greet them with animation and make them feel as if you’re really glad to have seen them that day. Don’t look for anything in return. Just smile at five people each day for a week and watch what happens.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by showing a lot of gratitude! The people who don’t get much cooperation, or help from others, are usually self-centered and not genuinely interesting in anyone by themselves. If we pay attention, we can see them coming a mile away. And we want to turn around and run. Those people cause the most harm in society. Gratitude gets the opposite reaction.

We need to realize that WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS. If we focus on the fact that we don’t get any breaks, that people are not nice to us, that no one will ever help us, we’re right. Whichever way we see anything, we’re right. And, whatever we put in our minds and focus on tends to expand. Thus, if we do not show gratitude on a regular basis, we’re automatically focused on resentment. And that turns other people off.


However, if we truly focus on the good things in our lives, that will be reflected in our attitude. People will see that in us. We will sell ourselves more easily to them. They will want to help us achieve our dreams. Make a list of the five things you are most grateful for in your life. Perhaps that’s your health, your family, your friends, your job, your talents, or your business. Whenever you feel depressed, look at that list and ask yourself whether you would trade any one of those things for a solution to your momentary problem. I believe the answer would be NO and you’ll quickly get yourself back to an attitude of gratitude. At the same time, let people who are nice to you know how much you appreciate what they do for you and regularly tell the people you love the most how much you love them.


Sell yourself to others.Sell yourself to others by going the extra mile and looking for ways to be of service others. Especially if there’s nothing in it for you. What is the old biblical thought: Give and you shall receive. My mother’s thought was this: “I’ll be a planter of good seeds and not look for a crop in return.” She encouraged me to plant good seeds in people’s minds and not worry about what’s in it for me. She told me to just keep planting.

However, the average person will quickly look at “What’s in it for me?” And they wonder why people don’t want to help them get ahead. The signals that we give to people are very clear. We are either selling ourselves as a giving, loving, caring person or we’re doing the opposite. If we look around, there are always people who need an encouraging word or a helping hand. When we give of ourselves and our time we’re putting good energy into the universe. Although we don’t expect it, the law of the universe will find a way for that blessing to come back to us.

If you want to sell yourself to others, and have many people helping you to get to the next level of success, may I suggest you keep these thoughts in mind and practice them regularly. If you do so, I don’t believe you’ll have to sell anything to anyone. They will automatically want to buy your vision!


“I work on a positive attitude, look for the good, smile, show appreciation, and look for ways to be of service to others.”

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Why sales training is so important.

Why sales training is so important is an interesting topic. Some people think that the word “sales” is a bad word. However, if you think about it, we’re all involved in sales from the time that we’re born. A baby cries when it’s hungry. By doing so, it’s selling its mother the idea that it’s time to get fed. Did you ever see a child walk into a grocery store with its mother and keep saying, “I want a lollipop”? The child will keep saying that phrase until it sells the idea. Soon, the child is licking on one.

When we’re teenagers, we may sell our parents on the idea that we get to use the car to go to a dance. Couples sell each other on ideas ranging from where to live to how to manage money and where to vacation. We sell people on our idea when we start a business or sell a supervisor on the fact that we should get a raise.

Thus, some form of sales training can only help us focus more on what we want in life. In this article, I want to focus on sales training as it pertains to a product or a service. If you want to improve your success in sales, the following steps could help you gain more confidence and better results.


Why sales training is so important.Why sales training is so important is clarified in an amazing book. Dale Carnegie, in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, said that people are creatures of emotion rather than logic. And that they will do things for REASONS and not for logic. Thus, if you want to excel in sales, we have to identify an exciting reason for you to excel in sales. It’s got to be more than food, shelter, and clothing. Those things are important, but not exciting.

Napoleon Hill, in the book “Think and Grow Rich”, said: When the WHY is exciting enough, the HOW doesn’t matter. The WHY needs to be a reward, something fun you would do just for you. Not something for your spouse or for your family. Something just for you. You’ll do more for everybody when you do more for you.

If you keep putting off something you’ve wanted for a long time, after a while you get depressed. The bottom line, when we’re all honest with ourselves, is this: What’s in it for me?

Thus, I suggest you get a picture of something you want that, with some effort, you could afford in a few months. It may be a new set of golf clubs, tickets to a special event, a weekend away, a new car – whatever. Get a picture of that reward, about the size of a business card. On the other side of the card, print some positive affirmations such as:

Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I’m a very confident, talented, and successful person. I earn at least _______ per month as a sales leader. I’m getting (whatever your reward is) and I am excited.

Whatever other traits you may want, add them in the form of an affirmation. Print out the affirmations on a card about the size of a business card. Put the picture of your reward and the affirmations back-to-back, go to Fedex Office, and have that laminated. Then, read your affirmations out loud the first thing each morning and the last things each night. And, each time, look at your picture. Don’t analyze what’s on your card. Just read your affirmations with conviction and look at your picture. Watch what wonderful things are about to happen in the next 90 days!


Why sales training is so important.Why sales training is so important shows up in public speaking. To excel in sales, it’s important to gain confidence. Your ability to get up and speak in front of people is a shortcut to your greater success. That also builds great confidence. Thus, I suggest you either join a local Toastmaster group or take the Dale Carnegie Course. In both of these situations, you’ll work with other people who also want to gain confidence in front of people and they will encourage you.

In order to excel in sales, we have to realize that buying decisions are often made in the initial seconds that we meet with a buyer. Thus, we have to make every interaction with buyers count. They can tell very quickly if the salesperson is a confident person or not. These days, buyers have a lot of options and very little time.

Thus, being able to speak confidently in front of a group of people will translate to being confident in front of one person. Many years ago, while in college, I took the Dale Carnegie course. I believe that the valuable lessons I learned in that course have been responsible for my success in sales and as a professional speaker. Not only was it a great program for speaking confidently in front of others, but it was also a great course in human relations, dealing with other people, looking at things from the other person’s point of view, and becoming an exceptional listener.


Why sales training is so important.Why sales training is so important means talking less. In my many years of being a speaker and trainer for sales teams, I’ve come to realize that salespeople talk too much. I find that an excessive amount of sales training, that teaches people all types of closing techniques, results in salespeople talking too much. They apply those closing techniques, hoping to use the right one to get the sale.

I have found that the person who controls the conversation is not the one whose talking. It’s the one who’s asking the questions. God gave us two ears and one mouth. Maybe we should listen twice as much as we talk. I have also found that people would rather buy than be sold. Thus, if we let them do most of the talking, they may talk themselves into buying.

A good question to begin with, in a sales situation, is: “What is your toughest challenge concerning __________?” Then, as they talk, take notes. And not electronically. If we take notes on a phone or laptop, they can’t tell if we’re really taking notes or checking our email. Take notes on a notepad. Dale Carnegie, in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, said that the greatest honor we pay anyone is RAPT attention – complete, total attention. Taking notes on paper, when a customer talks, pays total attention to them.

Then, when presenting a specific product or service, give the basic benefits of it and then ask, “What do you like best about this?” Let that person come up with the benefits and thus persuade themselves. And, if the product is not perfectly suited for the buyer, ask them: “What could we do to improve this product or service so it would work perfectly for you?”

It’s valuable to let a buyer come up with a solution. Then, when they do, they will fight for their own ideas.


Why sales training is so important.Why sales training is so important focuses on relationships. The most successful salespeople are the ones who create great relationships. I have found that those who do best in sales are genuinely interested in other people and that becomes the focus of their sales process. They’re not the ones who know the most about their product or service. In fact, they often rely on others at their company for the technical details. They are simply very good at creating great relationships and getting other people to like them. Unless price is the definitive point of purchase, I believe that people buy from people they trust and like.

The most successful salespeople realize that everybody’s favorite topic is THEM. Thus, they let the prospects talk about themselves. They know how to get conversations started by asking questions that the other person will enjoy answering. Questions such as the following:

Where are you from originally?

(If not from here) What brought you here?

(If from here) Have you lived here all your life?

Do you have a family?

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A natural way to lead into some of these questions, when meeting in a prospect’s office, is to notice family pictures and ask about the people in the pictures. And, as the prospect answers the above questions, make note of the answers so you can refer to them in the future.

Use short notes, on hand-written cards, to further create great relationships. Don’t use notes with a company logo. Just get blank cards with a design on the cover, including your business card behind the card, and they may think that you picked it up just for them. Have no return address on the back of the cards, mark the word “Personal” on the lower left corner so it will bypass gatekeepers, and use commemorative stamps. Keep a supply of these handy and use them immediately after leaving a prospect’s office.

Why sales training is so important? Because, without some specific ideas to give you an edge, you won’t achieve the success you desire from sales. The ideas above are not covered in traditional sales training programs. However, they have been proven to be highly effective and make you stand out from the crowd.


“Everything I touch prospers and succeeds. I have identified my next reward, am taking a public speaking course, am a very good listener, and I create great relationships.”

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Impress your friends get the competition on your side.

Impress your friends get the competition on your side by being confident in front of an audience. In the business world, there is nothing more important than presentation skills. Motivating a team, engaging with customers, and promoting your company, all involve speaking with verve and clarity. Better yet, it makes your co-workers happy and improves your profits. Everyone has something to learn when it comes to public speaking. A profit building speaker specializes in assisting professionals level up their game.


When you entered the workforce, you made a deal to try your best every single day. Everyone has off days. But, with the right techniques, you can battle through your slumps and appear as the champion you were meant to be. Inviting a speaker to your conference or corporate event can work wonders on your state of mind. Just one speech from a master of language can give you the tools to succeed at every stage of your career.


Of the main points a profit building speaker can stress is the importance of setting goals. Whether it’s long-term or short-term, keeping your desires at the forefront of your thoughts can improve your performance like nothing else. From creating lists to brainstorming with colleagues, you’ll learn the necessary techniques to turn dreams into reality. Consequences include larger profits and a greater sense of accomplishment.


If you ever tried to network with industry professionals but felt there was something missing, you’re in luck. There are tools of the trade that you can utilize to make people call you first when they want to collaborate or set up a fancy dinner event. While friends and family are important, it’s your business relationships that will make you bring home the big check. Listen closely to a professional performance speaker, and you’ll quickly grasp the tricks you need to feel like a top dog every time you come into the office.


The race to the top isn’t easy. The motivational speaker didn’t get to his position by slacking off and he’s ready to share the secrets of his success. His proposal might seem simple, but it has big payoffs. Take care of your health by eating right and exercising. That’s healthy for both the body and the mind. Good nutrition and vigorous workouts several times a week can literally improve your brain and your performance. If you think your schedule is too busy, please realize that anyone can make time for what’s important.

Communication skills can carry you a long way. Invite a profit building speaker to your company and you might be surprised at the performance improvement and morale burst for yourself and your coworkers. Click here for more information.

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Learn how to build better relationships.

Learn how to build better relationships and you’ll change your future for the better! It can seem difficult or even impossible to change a person’s approach to relationships once they have reached maturity. In fact, it is possible to alter the outcomes of nearly any situation and almost any individual’s approach to forming relationships. That’s because humans are social beings who desire acknowledgment and acceptance. Many individuals that have difficulty forming strong relationships have an uneasy relationship with themselves. That’s where a Building Better Relationships Speaker comes in.


An obvious but seldom acknowledged dimension of relationship-building is the reality that an individual’s attitude toward themselves shapes their interactions with others. Thus, if a person is insecure, or has a weak sense of their own worth, they may seek affirmation without showing interest or bring a negative attitude to interactions. This undermines their ability to form new relationships. An expert on relationships will often begin by directing participant’s attention inward and recommend daily positive affirmations. This is done before expanding out to address their ability to form relationships with others.


A Building Better Relationships speaker may recommend practices that require individuals to ask questions and truly listen to responses in order to demonstrate confidence and interest. Asking another person a series of simple questions about their origin, present location, family status, occupation, and lifelong aspirations can give people a basis for forming a bond within minutes. Meaningful relationships are founded on genuine curiosity and interest, and this exercise can lead to better social outcomes.


It can be relatively easy to begin new relationships, but it is more challenging to keep those connections developing over time. This is just as true of an individual’s relationship with themselves as with interpersonal relationships. As life between individuals in any relationship becomes a shared experience, there are countless opportunities to continue to develop and deepen mutual esteem and trust. Relationships take attention and dedication, and these are skills that can be learned.

If you are interested in empowering a group of people to build better relationships with themselves and others, you may want to consider booking a Building Better Relationships speaker for your next staff or group development event. The skills covered in a talk may sow seeds that improve relationships between coworkers, clients, customers, and friends. This can be applicable to nearly any relationship in the personal lives of attendees. A learning session can make a transformative difference in participants’ quality of life, connection, and communication. Visit the website for information.

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Great Relationships Begin With a Smile!

I recently attended the international convention of the National Speakers Association in Orlando at Disney World. And that’s where I got a great example of the value of creating great relationships by being extra friendly and smiling at people.


There were over 1,200 speakers there from the U.S., Canada, and a dozen other countries. The picture above was from my hotel room at the Disney World Dolphin Hotel. The sister hotel, across the pond, is the Swan Hotel. If you look closely, you’ll see the giant swans perched on the roof of that hotel.

Even though I was very impressed with the keynote speakers from around the world, and the great breakout sessions, it was what happened in between all of the events that really impressed me. I noticed that so many of the attendees were so welcome and so friendly. They greeted me on escalators, in hallways, before events, and during the events as if we’d known each other for many years. As a result, I found it to be simply amazing and it made me feel special.


While at the NSA event, I got to thinking about how busy everyone seems to be these days, with much of our time spent looking at our mobile devices. Thus, we’re becoming more isolated. Although those devices may help us be more efficient, I think they’re also making us miss the human connection.

What if you made a conscious effort to be extra friendly to just 5 people a day? As a result, that would be a great gift to give to others. Let’s be a beacon of light that can shine brightly in someone else’s mind! What would that cost us? I believe that positive beacons like that tend to shine brightly in reverse! You’ll find more ideas on this subject in some of the videos on the opening page of this website:


“I go out of my way to smile and be extra friendly to at least 5 people each day!”

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