Create a great sales team and profit.

Create a great sales team and profit can be a tricky idea. It’s not just a matter of bringing a few people together and hoping that you’ll get great results.

In speaking before over 100 groups of CEO’s each year, I hear of conflicts between sales associates quite often. In an ever-changing economy, and with so much retail competition online, there is a greater emphasis to get sales in other ways and that creates stress. Stress creates inter-team conflicts.


Create a great sales team and profit begins with the realization that it is a team. However, that team is made up of individual people who each have their own personal goals. We all have our personal agendas and, in order to be successful in a sales team, there needs to be balance. If you’re running a sales team, the first step is to focus on creating productive relationships with each member of the team.

There is an old saying, “I’ll get everything I want out of life when I help enough other people get what they want.” But, how do we do that?


Create a great sales team and profit by dealing with the people issues.Create a great sales team and profit is an idea that can be a challenge. Sometimes trouble within a sales team can be blamed on certain business decisions that have been made by management. At other times, it can be the products that are being sold. However, I believe the problem begins with education.

Dale Carnegie, in the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, relates that In ordinary schooling, there is not a single course in getting along with people.” And, where are we spending most of our time in our careers? We’re trying to get along with other people!

It’s not a product that gives us problems. If a product doesn’t work, we can either fix it, change it, or scrap it all together. However, it’s the people issues that cause most of the problems in business today. And so, most people would greatly accelerate their success if they improved their people skills.


Create a great sales team with this book.Create a great sales team and profit by reading. To help you improve your people skills, and thus increase the odds of a sales team becoming very successful, reading is critical.

Listening to an audio-book means someone else is talking to you. When you read a book, that’s YOU talking to YOU. Reading builds character and puts the right words in your mind.

However, reading several personal development books, once each, doesn’t work. That information is going in one ear and out the other. I found that it’s much more productive to read one book several times. In the area of people skills, I believe that the Carnegie book is the best personal development, people skills book ever written!

The book describes many difficult people situations and gives ideas of how to work through them. Here are some of the basic points from this book:

Let the other person do a great deal of the talking.

Look at situations from the other person’s point of view.

Never tell the other person that he or she is wrong.

When we’re wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.

Use the phrases “Tell me more” and “I need your help”.

I felt that this book was so valuable that I read it over and over, once a month, every month, for 5 years. I read it 60 times. Now it is a part of me.

If you’re running a sales team, I suggest you get copies of the Carnegie book for everyone and ask them to keep it on their desk. That way they’ll be reminded of this important book every day.


Create a great sales team and profit by paying rapt attention.Create a great sales team and profit by being aware of how important attention is to people. Dale Carnegie said that the greatest honor we pay anyone is RAPT attention – complete, total attention. That helps resolve many conflicts. How little of that is there these days? With so much electronics, who is paying attention to anyone?

Carnegie further stated that everyone needs to feel important. Notice he didn’t say that we “want” to feel important. He said that we “need” to feel important. RAPT attention makes people feel important.

Thus, when there are conflicts within a sales team, and people state an opinion that may be different than ours, rather than criticizing, listen attentively to that person and say “tell me more.” Take notes, and not electronically. That way they can’t tell if we’re taking notes. Use a notepad to take notes. That will make the other person realize that you’re really listening.


Create great sales teams with this course.Create a great sales team and profit by taking a look at a special course. Another valuable resource, when looking to improve people skills, is The Dale Carnegie Course.

It’s an 8-week course, costing about $2,000, and worth its weight in gold. From their website, here is the description of the course:

“You’ll learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. You’ll be better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver, and focused leader. And you’ll develop a take-charge attitude initiated with confidence and enthusiasm.”

I took the course while I was in college and I believe it was instrumental in my eventually becoming a successful professional speaker.


Create a great sales team with productive meetings.Create a great sales team and profit by having great meetings! A great team-building exercise is to have weekly meetings with everyone on the sales team, with a specific agenda.

Discuss what didn’t work last week and then go over what did work. Dale Carnegie suggested the following: “Look for the good and embellish it. And, as much as possible, disregard the bad.”

Whatever we focus on expands!

Make a big deal out of any achievements by any members of the sales team. Make people feel important with compliments for any achievement. Ask everyone for suggestions as to how the entire team can improve.

Read a page or two in the Carnegie book and then discuss the ideas with everyone. Suggest to everyone that they read just one or two pages in the book every day. Let’s keep those valuable ideas in the forefront of everyone’s mind on a regular basis.


Create a great sales team with 'thank you' notes.Create a great sales team and profit is an idea that can be achieved by going back to old ideas. With so much of our communications done electronically these days, let’s promote within the sales team an old idea that can definitely help with more sales. Texts and emails are cold forms of communications. This is a warm idea that goes a long way to connect with people in a very special way!

It’s the hand-written note. We don’t have to write two or three paragraphs. I’m talking about one or two lines on a hand-written note being more touching than two paragraphs in an e-mail.

Don’t use note cards with your company logo. If you use those, people may think that you send those to a lot of people. When you start with a note-card that’s blank on the inside, the recipient may think that you picked it up just for them. Have no return address on the back of the envelope. That way they’ll have to open it up immediately since they won’t know who sent the card.

If you’re sending the card to an executive, write the word “Personal” on the lower left-hand corner of the envelope. Do not meter these cards. Use stamps. But, not just any stamps. Use commemorative stamps. They look different.

Encourage the sales team to send hand-written note cards often and for any logical reason. These can be in response to an order or when we simply have a nice conversation with a customer by phone. A card can also be just to tell a customer that you appreciate their business.

There you have it. A few simple ideas that can help you create a great sales team!


“I’m creating a great sales team by reading and re-reading the Carnegie book!”

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Focus on profitable sales.

Focus on profitable sales by doing some things that your competition will never consider. There are a few key elements that are found in most successful companies: A product or service that solves a problem or fulfills a need; dedicated employees who are compensated well and made to feel important; and a constant focus on sales. Without sales, there is no business.

Thus, if you need to put more emphasis on sales, here is an innovative idea that can help you generate more sales without costing a lot of money.


Focus on profitable sales.Most companies, if they’ve been in business for a number of years, have clients that come and go. What if we were able to bring back some of the clients that left? After all, they liked us at one point. I think most companies, who have been in business for a while, have a goldmine in their previous clients. This is a great way to focus on profitable sales by bringing back former clients.

Thus, look back at all of your previous correspondences in the past few years and identify the ones that had positive comments about your product or service. Send a hand-written note card to the CEOs of each of the companies. I was taught that it’s much better to start at the top and come back down than the other way around.

Don’t use note cards with your company logo. They may think that you have lots of those and send them to everyone. Go to a nearby drugstore and buy note cards that have a design on the front and are blank inside. You can get a set by Hallmark or American Greetings, with envelopes, for about $7 or $8. That way they may think that you got the card just for them.


Do not put a return address on the back of the envelope. I want the recipient to open it up immediately. To bypass gatekeepers, write the word “Personal” on the lower left-hand corner of the front of the card. Never meter these. Use stamps and specifically commemorative stamps. They look different.

Inside, the card will only have one or two lines and no phone number. You’ll include your business card behind the greeting card in the envelope. That way, it will simply fall out when they open the card.

Write the following note inside the card: “Dear ____________. I’m sorry for whatever we did to lose your business. I’d give anything just to have coffee with you and see how you’re doing.”


Focus on profitable sales.People in my audiences who have done this have written to me and related the amazing results they got. A CEO in Portland, Oregon, after my speaking engagement, remembered that he lost a big client three years ago. He went out and bought the cards, bought the stamps, and wrote a short note, similar to the one above, to the CEO of the other company.

When the CEO of the other company got the card a few days later, he was so taken by the look of it (following my directions) that he called the sender right away. He said, “I don’t know what happened. Why don’t you get yourself over here tomorrow for lunch?” He went over for lunch and got the business back that week. This was a great way to focus on profitable sales.


Another CEO, who had lost a very lucrative client, decided to bring him back. This was a client that bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in product from him every year. The first CEO prepared the hand-written note card, in a similar fashion to the example above.

Once he had placed the commemorative stamp on the envelope, and it was ready to go, he decided to place the card in a Fedex envelope. He labeled the air bill “Personal” and had it set for delivery the next day.

The second CEO got the Fedex envelope the next day. He was so shaken up by the process that he called the first CEO and they set a time to get together that week. That meeting resulted in a $956,000 sale! When he wrote me an email, explaining what happened, the closing line was: “The words Thank You cannot mean enough!” What a great result when we focus on profitable sales.

If a previous client doesn’t respond to the first card, send another one a month or two later. On that note, you might say, “Dear _________. I was thinking about you today.”


Focus on profitable sales.If you want to be part of the crowd, then you could get lost among 200 emails. The hand-written note cards, when used in a continuous campaign, can indeed get you more profitable sales. The average person will never do this because they will think it can’t be that simple.

It is that simple and highly productive when you do it consistently. This is a very strong plan for strategic growth!

I’m suggesting you focus on 10 previous clients at a time and send each one a series of hand-written note cards, until they respond. I found that to be much more productive than being lost in those 200 emails.


Most people in business have not seen a hand-written note card in many years, if ever. That’s what makes this idea work so well and get such great results. A hand-written note card, by you and not your secretary, is a very personal touch. It is feelings from the heart, expressed on paper.

This process makes the other person feel important. It appears that you actually took the time to go buy a card, a commemorative stamp, and you personally wrote a note. How much of that is being done these days? Hardly anyone is doing this.

That’s why it’s going to set you apart and help you get some of the past business back.


Focus on profitable sales.Want to get more sales from existing clients? Use the hand-written note card idea and use it often. When a client places a new order, send a ‘thank you’ note. If you have a nice conversation on the phone with a customer, send a ‘thank you’ note stating: “Dear _____, I enjoyed our phone conversation Thursday morning.” This shows that you are very thoughtful and it will make an impact.

When is the last time a customer got a note like that? Can we say, “Never?” That’s why this has such a profound impact. It shows that you considered the conversation important, you enjoyed it, and you wanted to express your feelings in a very special way.

It’s a series of steps, like these, that can bring back previous customers and help you get more sales with existing customers. Just think of how it makes you feel when you get a hand-written note card from someone else? This is such a simple way to focus on profitable sales.


More sales.One CEO told me about a process they follow at his company on Friday afternoon which includes hand-written note cards.

At 3:30 every Friday afternoon, he and his 80 employees sit down to write two notes of appreciation. Phones are turned off. Soothing music is put on and wine is brought in for all employees. Everyone’s assignment is to write two notes of appreciation. One to someone within the company and one to a customer or supplier outside the company.

Their note cards have the following printed on the cover in a big heart: “With heartfelt gratitude.”

The CEO of that company told me that this Friday afternoon habit has dramatically improved the morale at his company and has added tremendously to their level of success.

As a result, employees throughout the week are looking for moments of appreciation they can write about on Friday afternoon. Thus, people are focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

Use the above ideas for 90 days and watch how they improve your sales and your success!


“I focus on profitable sales by bringing back previous clients and showing great appreciation!”

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